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Gina Heajin Kim,  Litigation Paralegal

Gina is a paralegal focusing on litigation involving Employment Law including wrongful dismissal, termination pay, overtime pay and other related issues. Employment matters can branch out to Ontario Human Rights Board, WSIB and WSIAT, Labour Board and Small Claims Court.

Insurance Claims is a large part of her professional career, helping clients access their insurance needs for property damages such as fire, flood or other accidental coverages. Insurance companies are well known for their tactics: DELAY, DENY, DEFEND. It takes experience and persistence to work with insurance companies, dealing with adjusters can be frustrating, she can make that easier for you. Construction and renovation litigation is also a large part of her practice, homeowners and contractors disputes are common.

Gina works closely with a team of lawyers to advance Litigation needs on a limited retainer as well to provide clients with the ease of mind of working with a paralegal. If matters need to proceed in the Superior Court, you can count on her to help you. Call for your free consultaion with your contract dispute, money owed, and other civil matters.

Before starting her own office, Gina worked in different law firms that specialized in Corporate & Business Law, Real Estate Law, Personal Injury, Workplace Sexual Assault and Harassment, and Civil Litigation.  Gina also owns two other businesses that enable her to pursue a passion for entrepreneurship.

Over the past twenty (20) years, Gina has worked in the local community with families that struggle with numerous barriers such as language, housing, and everyday legal issues.  She remains actively involved in advocating for families through organizations such as the Korean Canadian Women’s Association (KCWA), Love Toronto, and the local Korean churches.

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Gina H. Kim Paralegal

c/o Wolf Law Chambers
90 Matheson Boulevard West, Suite 101
Mississauga, Ontario,
L5R 3R3

P: (647) 818-8286
F: (905) 819-6977
E: gina@scclaws.com

Hours of Business:

9:00AM – 5:00PM
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