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Personal Injury: Tort Claims

Gina does simple matters such as slip, trip and fall, dog bites, municipal claims, and disability claims.  It is important to note that municipal claims typically requires a 10-day notice to the city from the date of injury.  For more serious injuries, Gina works with lawyers to help you advance your claim for the maximum benefit possible. 

Tort claims can also include car accidents (claim towards insurance company and driver) and occupier's liability claims (towards owner of).

What is a tort?  There are three types of tort:

1. Intentional tort

2. Unintentiaonal tort

3. Strict liability tort

Tort law is a legal system that provides compensation for people who have been injured or whose property has been damaged by the wrong/injustice of others.  It can affect nearly everyone as this includes property owners, pet owners, manufacturers and professionals providing services.  Most fall into torts of negligence, which means it is not deliberate but can arise from the carelessness of others.  

Examples of tort?

1. Negligence-related claim

2. Civil assault

3. Wrongful death claim

4. Trespass (real property), or trespass to chattels (personal property

5. Strict products liability

Common remedies or awards?

  • Compensatory (monetary) damage awards for related losses, such as pain and suffering, lost wages, emotional distress, and various other costs
  • Monetary damage awards strictly for economic losse
  • Injunctions, a court order for the defendant to cease or stop their specific action


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